On June 14-16, TBS will hold a terrific event to kick off the summer.

We will have our annual Community Retreat at the 4-H Center in West Salem—close enough to Salem for people who do not want to stay overnight, but remote enough for those of us who truly want to “get away”.

This will be a weekend of playing, hanging out and relaxing, hiking, learning, and connecting.  It’s an opportunity to hang out with friends from TBS that you know well AND get to know better those you don’t. 

And it’s not limited to TBS members!  The weekend is also an opportunity for those who are not members to come and meet some of the people in our community and spend a great weekend—whether or not they opt to  join!

We’ve made the price very affordable for the event—you could even consider it your first “summer vacation” of the season. Pricing includes all meals and lodging. Register now to receive this early-bird pricing. Cost will increase on June 1, so don’t wait!
Early Bird Pricing
Adult: $139
Teen: $78
Kid: $0

After May 31st
Adult: $194
Teen: $110
Kid: $37

Adult: $214   
Teen: $110  
Kid: $40             

We look forward to this time together, and hope you’ll get to know many people whom you haven’t connected with yet as our community has grown over the past few years.

Register Today for the Best Pricing!

Retreat Registration Form

Attendee Information

If you’d like information on joining TBS to receive the discount, please contact Operations Manager, Amber Giddings at office@tbsholom.org or 503-362-5004.

Please select the option that best describes your dietary preferences
Please select the option that best describes your dietary preferences
All funds collected from this retreat are projected to pay for the retreat itself. Therefore, cancellations must be submitted in writing to TBS prior to May 31, 2019. No refunds will be given for cancellations after May 31, 2019.
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