A Virtual Presentation: Israel Story – The Power of Storytelling

   Mishy Harmon, presenter and producer of the highly regarded Israel Story podcast, will talk about the power of storytelling as a tool for creating engagement with and interest in Israel. He will introduce us to the show, discuss its origins, the reasons behind its creation, and it’s overarching mission. During the presentation, we will hear audio clips from the podcast and learn about the varied and multifaceted Israel that Mishy has come to discover through working on the project. He will pose questions such as ‘What is Israel’s story?’, ‘Does such a thing even exist?’, and ‘If so, then how do you find it?’.  The details of connecting with the presentation will come in April.

Mishy Harman, a curly-haired Jerusalemite, is the co-founder and host of ‘Israel Story.’ After completing his military service in the IDF, Mishy did his undergrad – in history – at Harvard, after which he was awarded to the Harvard-Cambridge Scholarship to do an M.Phil in archeology at Cambridge University, UK. After several years of teaching back at Harvard and founding a Boston-based social networking start-up, he returned to Israel in 2011, and completed a Ph.D. at the Hebrew University. His dissertation was (as esoteric as it sounds…) a biography of the first Protestant missionary in Ethiopia. It was during his doctoral studies that Mishy and three of his close childhood friends dreamed of creating an Israeli ‘This American Life.’ Today, ‘Israel Story’ is the world’s most listened-to Jewish podcast and has a staff of some fifteen producers, interns and adminitrators. Mishy lives in Jerusalem with his wife Federica, their daughter Hallel, and their two dogs, Nomi and Golda.



Apr 25 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm