Become a lay leader!

Everyone welcome! Come learn and get comfortable with the prayer service with three dynamic teachers!!

Yisraela Tubman, Joan Myles, and Judith Havas, with advice from Rabbi Dan, will be teaching a liturgy class that will run ALL Sundays in February from 1pm-2:30pm. This four session course will provide a complete review of the order of service, along with specifics on how to choose among the various readings the siddur provides.

Each session will expand on a piece of the service based on primary prayers, and depth through discussion of purposes for these same primary prayers. This series addresses flow, use of siddur, meaningful experience, understanding themes and concepts, and, finally, will promote an increased comfort in leadership. Please contact Judith to register for these classes.

Pick up your very own siddur at the gift shop for $35.00 ($31.50 for TBS members) to use as your text.

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