Circle of Giving

The TBS Circles of Giving program is a meaningful, voluntary resource for increasing support of the synagogue’s day-to-day activities with far reaching results. These activities not only include religious services and education but the kindness and care our community offers through new member programming, community connections, tzedekah projects, and chevra kadisha, to name just a few.

Please consider becoming a benefactor.

Tomechim (Supporters):

Circle 1: Annual gift between $18 and $599. A $50 gift could provide a gift card for gas or groceries to a TBS member in need.

Chaverim (Friends):

Circle 2: Annual gift between $600 and $1599. A $600 gift could provide a scholarship for a Religious School student whose family would otherwise be unable to afford his or her Jewish education.

Shutafim (Partners):

Circle 3: Annual gift between $1600 and $2599. An $1800 gift would cover the cost of annual dues for an entire family who might need dues assistance.

Chalutzim (Pioneers):

Circle 4: Annual gift between $2600 and $3799. A $3000 gift would pay for rabbinical leadership for the High Holy Days.

Bonim (Builders):

Circle 5: Annual gift between $3800 and $4999. A $4200 gift would cover an entire year of Gas to heat the shul.

Cholmim (Dreamers):

Circle 6: Annual gift of $5000 or more. A $7500 gift would pay for one-half of the annual budget for regular maintenance of our physical building.

As you can see, a pledge at any level that you choose will serve as a vital contribution to the care and support of our community as a whole. To become a Circle of Giving donor, download, complete and return the PDF form below.

Circle of Giving pledges are automatically renewed each year.

Join the Circle of Giving