Lifelong Learning

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TBS Guest Speaker Series

One of the most important traditions of Judaism is a dedication to lifelong learning. At TBS, we support this tradition through a variety of learning opportunities for Jews of all ages. From our child-focused Kabbalat Kids service to our diverse adult education curriculum, we strive to encourage interesting educational programs that are not only thought provoking, but fun and engaging.

Join us in our quest for knowledge, understanding, and a connection to our community, our people, and our commitment to Judaism and the land of Israel.  Our goal is to expand our knowledge and understanding of Judaism and what it means to us as an individual and as a community.  We challenge all members to think, question, and contribute creatively to our common journey.  Our Jewish education and exploration is an ongoing journey.  We hope to offer something of interest to everyone, and to encourage our members and friends to search for a deeper meaning and understanding through study and reflection.