Meet The Staff

Rabbi Eli Herb

Rabbi Eli (pronounced L.E.) is a recent graduate of Hebrew College in Boston and began his new life in Salem, Oregon as the full-time spiritual leader of TBS in July, 2016. Born and raised in Carbondale, Colorado, he studied Music Composition at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and Theological Studies at the University of Denver. In 2010, Eli received ordination as a Maggid, a Jewish Spiritual Storyteller and the following year began rabbinical school. TBS is thrilled to welcome Rabbi Eli!

Darren Howard


Darren has been serving as chair of the youth education committee, and is a parent of children participating in Baneinu. He has years of experience in education, and he brings a high level of energy and passion for improving children’s Jewish education.  Darren and his wife, Melissa, have two children, Jacob and Audrey.

Amber Giddings


Amber was hired as the TBS Office Manager in 2003 and was promoted to Operations Manager in 2018. She has five children that range from 5 to 22. In her small amount of free time, Amber enjoys cross-stitching, skating, camping, and geocaching with her kids and partner, Michael.  They also run their company, Crunchy Mamas, making organic and chemical-free skincare and personal hygiene products.

Amber says she enjoys working at TBS because it is a stress-free job that lets her “serve kind and caring people”.

Debbe Mosey


Debbe joined the TBS staff in 2018 and quickly fit right in.  She has been with her husband Dave for over 20 years and together they have three kids and six grandchildren.  She has worked at an agriculture newspaper, a mealworm and cricket farm, managed restaurants and cafes and worked for TV stations as an engineer.  She loves gardening and cooking and traveling to Oahu.  Her job here at TBS is “the most peaceful and wonderful job I have ever had and love the people that I am surrounded by.”