2019 Visioning Project

After having Rabbi Eli on board for three years, we checked in with our membership and completed another comprehensive Visioning Project. Fun Fact: As a result of the congregational survey, this word cloud was created based on the things that our members like about TBS. Words were weighted according to how often they appeared in the answers. You will notice that Rabbi, Eli, and Community are very prominent in the cloud. Rabbi and Eli appeared in the responses so many times that their weight needed to be decreased to get any other words in the cloud. So the take home message is: TBS loves Rabbi Eli. Whatever else we’re doing well (or not well), we love the Rabbi.

Click here to see the results of the 2019 Visioning Project

History: 2014 Follow Up

In 2012 we went through the process of developing a short-term strategic plan for helping our community move through a very difficult time. After two years, we made some amazing progress; not only in implementing many elements of the Visioning recommendations, but in healing our community and coming together to look forward into our future as a congregation.

The Visioning Committee drafted a follow up report to outline specific steps to implement actions to be taken by the Board, the standing committees, and many individual TBS members, to help our congregation meet our collective goals. This report is now available on our website for review and/or download.  

View the 2014 Report

History: 2012 Visioning Project

In 2012, the TBS community participated in a visioning and planning project focused on the following goals:

  • Offer a voice to all members who want to have their thoughts, feelings, and needs represented in congregational visions and goals.
  • Establish a foundation of acceptance and understanding of the wide ranging needs and wants of fellow TBS members.
  • Develop a stronger sense of community cohesiveness through thoughtful and meaningful discussion of critical issues.
  • Develop a vision for the long term future of the TBS community based on shared values and goals.
  • Provide specific recommendations for the Board of Trustees regarding actions that should be taken in order to move the congregation toward its vision.

The outcome of this project presented a short-term plan while the board works to establish a long-term financial development plan and explores options for recruiting a new rabbi to serve our congregation.

View the full report of the Visioning and Planning Committee.