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Service Times

Shaharit Service:

With Rabbi Eli – Monday & Thursday at 8:00 am
With Stephen Lipton – Wedsday at 9:00 am

Maariv & Havdalah Service:

1st & 3rd Saturdays at 6:45 pm

Spiritual Practices:

Friday at 10:00 am

Israeli Cooking Class

Israeli Cooking with Melissa!
Our chef,¬†Melissa’s, passion besides helping the Jewish community is cooking and baking. You can always find her skimming the numerous cook books she has and/or searching bloggers and the internet for yummy recipes. When she is not cooking she is baking… and mostly baking challah. She finds calm and ease in the kitchen.¬†Melissa just recently spent three weeks in Kiryat Malachic, Israel with her husband’s family where the highlight of her trip was cooking along with her Yemenite mother in law.
Melissa will show us how to cook an Israeli meal right from her own kitchen on Zoom. She will make the recipes available to us too!

Tanakh or Old Testament: What's the Difference?

The Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and the Old Testament are the same, right? They contain the same books but in a different order. Why? Learn about the fascinating and important legacy of creating the Biblical Canon and the controversy that continues to this day. This study is an important piece of understanding the history of Jewish/Christian relations.

Senator Elizabeth Steiner

Senator Elizabeth Steiner, (D – District 17, NW Portland/Beaverton) will be talking about her role as a religious Jew as an Oregon Senator. How do her religious beliefs impact her work? How does the Senate affect her? What is the state of Judaism in Oregon? Senator Steiner will take time to answer any other questions that we may have for her.


Spiritual meaning and fulfillment does not mean the same thing to everyone in our community. We, as a community, seek to explore the meaning behind Jewish traditions, laws and rituals, and to adapt those into our spiritual lives today.

About Us

We believe that the congregants of our community play a vital role in developing and contributing to our spiritual life. While rabbinic leadership is vitally important to our TBS community, we also incorporate lay-leadership and participation into our services to further enhance the strength of our community, and to create a truly inclusive and dynamic Jewish community.


Join us in our quest for knowledge, understanding, and a connection to our community, our people, and our commitment to Judaism and the land of Israel.

Get Connected

Our goal is to expand our knowledge and understanding of Judaism and what it means to us as an individual and as a community.

Have Kids?

We strive to encourage interesting educational programs that are not only thought provoking, but fun and engaging.

Facility Rentals

Our beautiful building offers ample opportunity for meetings, activities, classes and more.

Equipment rental is also available


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