EVERYONE is welcome to attend services. Whether or not you are a member of TBS, we encourage you to join us!

Kabbalat Shabbat

Join us every Erev Shabbat as we learn, sing, and gather together to end a week of hard work and to contemplate our many blessings. Our service incorporates a wide range of traditions that can be spiritually enriching regardless of one’s background. In addition, the inclusion of lay-leaders in the services further enhances the strength of our community.

Torah on Tap

Join Rabbi Eli and others from the TBS community in a weekly study of the Torah. We’ll sip our favorite beverages (alcoholic or not!), eat some simple, light snacks, and delve deep into the “Orchard of Torah.”

It is said that there are four levels of Torah: the Peshat, or plain meaning; the Remez, or allegoric or symbolic meaning; Droosh , the comparative or homiletical significance; and Sod, the mystical or psycho-spiritual meaning. As an acronym, Peshat-Remez-Droosh-Sod, spells PaRDeS which in Hebrew means Orchard.

This is a class for ALL levels of learners; everyone is welcome.

Shabbat Morning Service

We gather together to continue our observance of Shabbat by reading from the Torah. Again, the increased role of lay leadership in these services has helped to spur deeper meaning for the growing TBS community who attend these services. Torah services are a wonderful opportunity for learning.

At TBS, participants may use their choice of traditional or Reconstructionist Aliyah Blessings. Either the traditional blessings or the blessings offered in the Reconstructionist Siddur may be chanted when saying the blessings before and after the Torah reading. Both versions are available in the Prayer Guide menu on the Resources page.

Morning Minyan

Morning minyan meets every week and is followed by coffee and nosh while we have a brief Torah study or community discussion on a variety of Jewish-related topics. With or without tefillin, all are encouraged to attend.

Jewish Spiritual Practices

Deepen your spiritual life through learning specific spiritual practices and working with a peer group to support your work. The class will take place on Wednesday mornings after minyan, between 9-10. Led by Rabbi Eli.