A havurah (derived from the word for friend, connection, company) is a group bound together by a common interest. It is a grassroots, non-hierarchical model of Jewish community. There are many, many Jewish communities in the US that function as havurot. Check out the National Havurah Committee for more.

Most often, though, a havurah is a group of individuals that are part of a Jewish community (e.g. TBS).

Havurot are a very important means by which friendships can develop within the greater community of TBS which is absolutely essential for the vitality of the community as a whole.  Another way you can create friendships is by volunteering to serve on one of TBS’ committees. Please see your newsletter for a list of committees and the contact information.

Please note: these havurot are for TBS members only. However, if you are not a member and want to participate in one of these groups, please contact Rabbi Eli.

Secular Shmecular where cultural Jews come to schmooze

Secular Shmecular

Secular Shmecular meets every other Sunday at Panera to socialize and discuss topics of interest. The founders of SecShmec are secular Jews, i.e. Jews who do not identify as religious. That said, both religious and non-religious Jews participate regularly. Contact Sue Moss or Laura Dawson for more information and to join the fun!

Israeli flag; TBS Talks Israel

TBS Talks Israel

This havurah was formed to create a supportive space for discussing, learning about, and deepening our connection to the Jewish state. Contact Rabbi Eli and join the FB group.

Mah Jongg tiles

Mah Jongg

Have you always wanted to learn how to play Mah Jongg? We gather monthly to play and keep this tradition alive in our community. If you are interested, please call or text Meredith Russell at 503-881-0770.

Quill fountain pen and paper for writers' havurah

Writers' Havurah

Are you a writer or an aspiring writer that would like to workshop your compositions? Contact Darren Howard.

50+ women's havurah -- women in silhouette with sunset

50+ Women's Havurah

Spool of thread, scissors, and measuring tape

Sewing Havurah

Come to share your expertise or learn a whole new skill. Contact  Julie Sudduth Klinger for more information.

Ne'imot singing group

Ne'imot — Singing group

If you’d like to participate in this havurah, please email Rabbi Eli.

Mountain and trees --- teva havurah

Teva Havurah — outdoors

This group is all about outdoor outings. Contact Rabbi Eli.

Poetry in script with quill

Poetry Havurah

This is be a place for poets and poetry lovers to share and workshop original poems or introduce favorite works.

ChaGaT social justice committee logo


This is TBS’ social justice committee: Chinuch (education), Gemilut hasadim (acts of kindness) and Tikkun Olam.

There are three subcommittees of ChaGaT:

1) Hunger and homelessness, Shelley Kaplan

2) Refugees and Immigration, Alex Benenson

3) Environmental Justice, Elliot Maltz

Conversational Hebrew with dialog bubbles

Conversational Hebrew

This group is for primarily people with some conversational proficiency already – not for beginners. However, beginners are welcome and the structure of the meetings may include material for beginners. Contact Francine Shetterly.

Silhouettes of two families for family havurah

Families and Friends Havurah

This group is primarily for families with children between the ages of 0-18 but anyone is welcome! Contact Rabbi Eli  We try to meet once or twice per month for havdalah and/or Shabbat lunch. Join the FB group.

Book Club title on book pages

Hadassah Book Club

While not formally connected to TBS, we also have a Hadassah book group. Contact Robin Ellison.

Jewish Foods

Jew Foo (Jewish Food)

The purpose of this group is to support members of the TBS community to sharing our love of Jewish food and its connection to our Jewish identity; and to build our cooking skills and expand our awareness of food around the world as expressive of our shared peoplehood. Call or text Marc Overbeck

Question marks in various colors

Ideas for new havurot?

Are you interested in forming a TBS Havurah that you don’t see here? Please contact Rabbi Eli .